About Us


Trumansburg Volunteer Fire Company

 The Incorporated Village of Trumansburg supplies both Fire and Rescue Services to an area covering over 56 square miles centered between Cayuga and Seneca Lakes better known as the Finger Lakes Region of Central New York. The Fire/Rescue Protection Area is comprised of the Town of Ulysses, which includes the Village of Trumansburg and portions of both the Towns of Covert and Hector. This area is made up of residential, commercial, farming, over 14 miles of pristine year round and seasonal lakefront homes and also Taughannock Falls State Park visited by an estimated 1,000,000 visitors each year. The fire company is a 100% volunteer force operating 24 x 7 and answers on average over 300 calls per year. 


Our Vision & Values

The local fire department in Trumansburg will continue to provide dynamic, realistic and comprehensive training to volunteers and members. We will incorporate all members as active contributors. We will actively recruit members, maintain a dedicated membership and provide effective mentorship for all members. And overall we will continue to develop an organization that inspires the community.

Our History


The Trumansburg Fire Company Inc. has a proud tradition of service to the community that dates back to the 1880’s. A timeline of the company’s history resembles the climbing of a ladder. As time progresses the company’s service to the area grows. Some of the highlights of this growth are as follows:             

Major conflagrations in 1864 and 1881 leveled large portions of the village business district. As a result of the latter, the residents of Trumansburg formed fire companies that formalized the firefighting forces within the village. In the early years the village was served by several different fire companies. The most notable of the companies were the Excelsior Engine Company No. 1 and Gregg Hose Company.


  Other companies that existed were a Chemical Hose and the Hook & Ladder. As noted by the names, each company focused on a specific function on the fireground. Forty-seven years later these functions were combined with the formation of the Trumansburg Fire Company Incorporated in 1929. From that point forward TFC was the unified pool of manpower that manned the firefighting equipment of the Village of Trumansburg. This cooperative combination of the village owned equipment and the company’s “member-power” continues to this day.           

  During the mid 1900’s the department and company grew together. The village had progressed from hand drawn equipment to several used motorized trucks. One of the most notable of these was the 1926 Buffalo pumping engine. This particular truck remained in the fleet until the 1970’s when it was sold to a collector. During the post WWII years the village purchased several Army Surplus vehicles to bolster the force. In the meantime, members of the company started to take advantage of training through the county and state. TFC eventually established the local schedule of gathering every Wednesday to train or care for company business. This schedule too, continues today.


 The village and the fire company took delivery of their very first “brand new” fire engine during the summer of 1963. The engine having been built by the Sanford Fire Apparatus Company of East Syracuse, New York. The engine was given a home in the village fire station on Union Street. The building that is today home of the Trumansburg Phone Company.  

The Union Street Station was a first for the department too. After a period of using different buildings around the village to house the apparatus, the Union Street station was built. The ground floor became home to the trucks and the second floor was the home of TFC. Eventually the village offices and police departments were housed in parts of the same building. 


  Due to increased call volume and increased size of fire apparatus, the village and fire company decided to buy a former automotive repair building at 74 West Main Street in the village. The building was purchased and the remodeling of the structure was performed by the volunteers. In doing so, the TFC members saved one third of the budget for renovation. The fire department moved into the new quarters in 1972.  

 This station served the village and TFC until it was leveled in 1988 in order to build the current station on that same site. Again the volunteers rose to an unusual occasion as they operated out of the village DPW complex and the Trumansburg Fair buildings during the construction. The new building was occupied early in 1989 and has served as headquarters ever since.


 Shortly after moving to the address on west main street, the village fire department and TFC faced another new challenge. Emergency Medical Services within the district were left up in the air when the local funeral home gave up operating the area ambulance service. TFD and TFC combined to meet the need. A village owned emergency van was converted by the volunteers to provide for patient transport. Members of TFC quickly enrolled in first aid and EMT classes. Thus was born the Trumansburg Fire Department Ambulance service. A short year later, the fire department's first brand new ambulance was purchased as the result of a very successful fund drive conducted within the fire protection district. This was the first of many ambulance fund drives that have been so generously supported by our community. The ambulance service would eventually become a separate entity from the fire company and is now known as Trumansburg EMS.             


To this day, we the members of the fire company, enjoy a very close relationship with the community we serve. Through all the years, no matter what the challenge, the volunteers of TFC and the village’s TFD have worked together to meet the needs of the community.