Trumansburg Fire News

Training for Pump Ops


Trumansburg Volunteer Firefighters participated in Pump-Ops training this week! Read the article below to get acquainted with what it means to be an apparatus and pump operator. 

Operating the pump at a working fire can be a high-pressure job, if you will excuse the pun. Pump operators are obliged to supply water on demand to a wide variety of appliances ranging from booster reels to cellar pipes to sprinkler systems, including every kind of handline and master stream in between. Each appliance has its own exigencies and requirements. For the study of hydraulics, friction loss formulas, pump specifications, and so on, to lead to precision in pumping operations, it is necessary to understand the underlying concepts and terminology on which they are based.  READ MORE

Firefighter Training - MVA Extrication


 Recently, Trumansburg Firefighters trained for MVA (motor-vehicle accident) extrication. Training in real time, we received a [hypothetical] call for a man trapped under dump truck. Arriving on scene in gear and prepared, firefighters found our training victim pinned under rear wheel. This is a great exercise which allows us to utilize and practice with equipment such as cribbing, airbags, bottle jack and struts. 

The Trumansburg Fire Department would like to thank the Town of Ulysses Highway Department for setting up this scenario for us. 

Welcoming "THE NEW 1821"

1821 By Gorman Enterprises


TFC is welcoming our newest member to the family! 1821, will replace our "old" 1821 and is an exquisite KME custom tanker. She includes:

• 100" wide KME Panther MFD
• 10" raised roof
• 4x2
• Cummins ISL9 450 hp
• Allison 3000EVS
• 21,500 lb front axel
• 33,500 lb rear axel

• Hale DSD-125 1250 gpm single stage pump

• 2,000 gallon water tank

• 163"L 3/16" Aluminum body


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