Chief Jason Fulton

In 2004 Jason Fulton became Trumansburg’s Fire Chief after serving as Assistant Chief for seven years and Lieutenant for three years prior. Fulton is a Trumansburg native resident and became a member of TFC in October of 1992, following in a long standing tradition of the Fulton Family’s selfless service to our community. 

Having been around the fire company for much of his life, Fulton serves as an excellent fire chief and has extensive knowledge of fire suppression, medical services and has well-rounded experience in fire company administrative functions. These skills prove to be endlessly useful as Trumansburg continues to grow and expand as a community and we look forward to the challenges and opportunities that we may face.


In addition to volunteering with TFC, Fulton is a career firefighter for the City of Ithaca. He trains at the county and state level and holds certifications as an EMT, Hazmat Specialist, Ice Rescue Technician, Rope Rescue Technician, and many officer classes.


Chief Fulton oversees the Trumansburg Fire Company which includes 1 Ladder, 2 EMS [Advanced Life Support Transport Units], 1 Heavy Rescue, 2 Tankers, 1 mini-pumper and 1 Off Road Rescue Kubota. Trumansburg Fire Company consists of 60+ volunteer members from our community.

Deputy Chief


Matthew Taylor

Matthew Taylor joined TFC in 2004 after becoming a member of the Trumansburg community in 2000. He receives county and state fire training  through the NYS Fire Academy and county trainings.  He became an officer for TFC in 2009 and is certified as an interior firefighter and a rope rescue technician. Taylor is an avid woodworker and also enjoys hunting and fishing when he is not volunteering his time with the fire company.  

Assistant Chief

Dan Scherer


 Dan Scherer volunteers with TFC as Assistant Chief, co-training officer, gear officer and local mood elevator. He moved to Trumansburg in 2008 and joined the  fire company in 2010, training in both Seneca and Tompkins County and at the NYS Fire Academy. He became an officer in 2013 and has developed training, drivers training and probationary members programs. Scherer is certified as an interior firefighter, rescue technician, swiftwater technician, EMT-B, aerial operations and is a member of the FAST Team. When not volunteering you can find him around town with his children or as a cafeteria monitor at the elementary school. 

John Keefe


After moving to Trumansburg in 1997, John Keefe became a member of TFC in 2001. He became an officer in 2006 and has held positions as the Assistant Chief and Lieutenant. Since 2001 he has received fire training from Tompkins Co, Seneca Co, and the NYS Fire Academy. Certified as an interior firefighter and instructional wildland firefighter, Keefe enjoys training the rope rescue team which he formed and teaching his training program. You can find him volunteering with the Collie Rescue or spending time with his dogs.


Matt Muraca


Matt Muraca has been volunteering with the fire company since 2011. He is a career firefighter at the Ithaca Airport and has been an officer with Trumansburg Fire Company since 2017. Muraca trains with Tompkins County and the NYS Fire Academy. 

Alix Gresov


Alix Gresov moved to the area in 2012 from Baltimore, MD. She joined the fire service in 2013 and has served as a live-in bunker at Cayuga Heights FD and is a part-time career firefighter at Ithaca FD. Alix joined Trumansburg Fire Company in 2017 and became Lieutenant in 2019. She has experience in rope rescue and many other advanced Fire/Rescue operations. When not participating in the field, you can find Alix working with bees, running races or spending time with her dog.

Justin Vann


 In 2002, Trumansburg native Justin Vann became the fourth-generation in his family to serve as a member of TFC. He was a volunteer bunker for the Ithaca Fire Department from 2004 to 2006 when he left to work for the Tompkins County Department of Emergency Response. In 2008 he became an officer after serving as the company’s quartermaster and receives fire training throughout the county and NYS Fire Academy. Vann is certified as an interior firefighter, rescue technician, and is a member of the FAST Team and the company’s fire safety program. In his free time, you can find him out and about with his family and volunteering as a local tee ball coach. 

Company Officers



Tim Dodge

Vice President


Kevin Romer

Safety Officer


Jack Fulton



Tim Manheim



Kristen Romer



Bill Szabo



Laura Keefe



Amy Ferrell



Frank DiMarco

Fire Police Captain


Ken Whitaker